Our Story

2010 The Start
Founding El-Taybat

Since its establishment in 2009, Taybat’ founders were focused on turning -a desert land - in Wahat el Bahareya, to a beautiful , clean , and organic farm.  They have believed that planting trees in the desert will eventually empower the people by offering wider options for living beyond crowded cities. 

The cultivation process was designed by creating natural patterns, creating mixed edible gardens, bringing together fruit trees and herbs, spontaneous and shrubs.

Best Crops
The Best Crops

Over the years El-Taybat selected the best crops, the ones that best suited the soil and climate. The main land located in the heart of El-Esela Mountains in El-Wahat El-Baharia 400 km far from Giza was chosen for the desire to welcome a new community in this place. Over the years, the environment was preserved a very important patrimony of biodiversity in its kind.

desert into an oasis

Since then, the project has grown beyond the earlier dreams. Now the farm has become , one of a kind,  organic farm , in Egypt, where solar energy everywhere, and  vocational school offering free agricultural education to youth. We prove that anyone can produce income by working together with Mother Earth while preserving its biodiversity.

Today , Thanks to GOD, Taybat is becoming a force of good to many employees , farmers, and students.