Why Us?

Our Global Partners prefer us because

Our Value Chain and Quality Control:

Seedling Nursery

A nursery for the production of our own fruits seedlings was established in El-Shagaa village at El-Nobarya site, El-Behera Governorate. We established also a self-production of natural fertilizers such as compost. Our goal is to ensure a healthy and high-quality product

Natural Cultivation
Best natural cultivation practice

The 2230 acres farm, where we adopt best natural cultivation practice, and have strong linkages with small farmers. We are flexible to respond quickly to our customer needs catering to long term contracts, as well as quick supply of instant customers’ demands.

Our Factory
El-Taybat Production Factory

El Taybat  lunched its own production facility in El Oboor City with up to date machines line for Organic herbs processing. As we already serving the local market El Taybat is rerady to supply dried herbs in bulk, retail packaging, and privet labels

Our Sustainable Practices:

Synergy with the environment

We live and work in synergy with the environment and its balances, limiting air and water pollution, preserving biodiversity. We grew crops by the method of organic; we do not use synthetic herbicides, pesticides and fungicides. We sow crops in rotation with each other and in association with spontaneous herbs. 

Clean environment free of pollution
Renewable Energy

We rely on renewable solar energy through the use of more than 12 solar panels to generate electricity for the operation of irrigation pumps. We aim to create a clean environment free of pollution.

We care about Youth Development
Society Services

Taybat adopted promising social services wherever we go. We believe that education of the youth will lead to substantial development of the society, bringing them closer to the world of nature and cultivation through educational-creative workshops. Thus we have vocational school offering free agricultural education to youth since 2009. Another part of the social activities we are developing is nursery education to children of Mandisha village.

Our Team

El-Taybat maintains a production staff of 300 or more experienced employees, staffed with qualified employees, experienced agricultural engineers and university professors, supervisors, and field workers who are compensated in a manner that provides continuity of labor throughout the entire year.